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Lets Talk Bulletin Boards!

I'm sharing five tips to make your bulletin boards pop using images of past bulletin boards.  (Each image is linked to the original post.)


Tip #1: Use oil pastels to write directly on the bulletin board paper.

You can do some really fun details this way!  Draw arrows, create fun borders around elements, make unique lettering.  

If you're nervous about freehanding, you can lightly pencil your design out first, but be careful not too press too hard, because the lines will show through.

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to attach every day items to your board.

I *LOVE* this board!  It may be my favourite board to date.  Staples, velcro and hot glue were used in high quantities to create this.  Some old markers, highlighters and scissors were hot glued in the pencil case.  The notebooks had been partially used, and we just tore those few pages out.  The backpack was bought in the clearance section at Walmart.  

Using every day items adds some unique interest to your board.  In Tip # 1, we used my old lab coat from University! 


Tip # 3: It's okay to extend past bulletin board edges!

I often have elements extend past the edges of my boards.  If I'm doing a tree, the branches and leaves will go past the board.  My back to school board last year (shown in Tip #5) went up to the ceiling!  

The flowers on the board above extend past the sides, giving a more natural and spread out look.  I've also added a banner above the top with an inspirational saying.

Tip #4: Dollar Store tablecloths are your friend!

Love, love, love me some Dollar Store tablecloths!  

They are so very versatile.  Many different types of 3D elements (the clouds in Tip #5 and the brain that this image is linked to, for example) can be made with them.  

Once they are used and all staple-holed up, I reuse them as stuffing material (like in the mad scientists jacket!).

I've usually got a good supply of these on hand, because you never know when you're going to do some impromptu bulletin board makin'!

Tip #5: Use decorative paper plates to make your titles stand out.

Another Dollar Store find.  #teacherslovedollardeals

Patterned paper plates are a really easy way to add oomph to your boards.  And easy too!  Just position your letter over the place, and use one staple to attach it all.  It comes apart easy afterward too.

Which of these tips have you used?  Any you're going to try?

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  1. I love the plates and the tablecloths. I never thought of that, but now it's on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing.
    ~A from the Brain Ninjas
    Brain Ninja Notes

    1. They are super cheap too, which makes them even more appealing! Would love to see what you create with them.

  2. Great ideas! I will definitely be giving these a try!

    Mrs. Crouse's Teaching Adventures

  3. All of your boards are soo cute!! I love making them 3d with adding additional items.

    The Cutesy Teacher

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I think 3D makes everything better too!

  4. I love tip 2 and tip 5~ and I pinned them both!!! I've never thought of bulletin boards as being 3 dimensional.. it's so cool what you've done here! I am definitely going to try the plates idea.. what a fun way to make words pop! thank you!

    The Whimsical Teacher