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Poetry Unit

My class has been really busy the past few weeks learning about different types of poetry and trying our hand at them.  I've blogged a bit about this already here.  It is interesting to see student's opinions change over time.  When I told them we would be doing poetry, there was a lot of groaning and moaning.  By the end, especially when we were doing free verse, they were begging me to keep going.  Some even asked to stay in at recess and keep writing!  How fun is that!

And I just have to share this free verse poem.  It's so touching!
Carrots, carrots, 
I love you 
so much.
Please make my eyes
better so I don't
have to wear those
smelly glasses.

Want to inspire your class too?  Check out the options below:


Or, if you prefer I've put all my poetry lessons on TpT in one convenient bundle.  It contains the three you see above, and then some!  My Diamante poems lesson is only available in this bundle.  You're also going to get 7 poetry posters to teach with and display.  These include: acrostic, concrete, colour and more.