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6 Ways to Encourage Your Reluctant Writers

Go into any classroom and you'll find reluctant writers.  Some will tell you writing is boring.  Others will say it's too hard.  Some students are afraid to begin because they don't know if their idea is good enough.  So, how do we engage these reluctant writers?  These 6 strategies will be sure to help you find success with any reluctant writer.

7 Strategies to Help Your Students Read for Information

Reading for information is a life-long skill.  Students who have strong reading comprehension skills understand what they read (and know when they do not!).   Learners require direct instruction of comprehension skills in order to improve.  We want our students to think about their thinking before, during, and after reading.  Whether you're not sure how to support your students, or you're looking for some fresh new ideas, this post is for you!