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Things to Do with Receipt Tape in the Classoom

Today I came across an unexpected find.  A local grocery store had ordered the wrong size of till tape, so they were throwing it away.  I scored a box of 50 rolls!  Immediately, I thought about using it for number lines, comic strips, and flip books.  But, I have 50 rolls.  What else shall I use it for?

After a Pinterest search, I came up with these ideas:

Breaking apart numbers. You could use the till tape for one portion, and construction paper for the other.

This is a crafty one! It would look lovely on the front of a poetry book or Mother's Day card.

Have you seen all those large quote of the day boards? This might be cute for a mini version!

Art journals or bookmarks.

This run on sentences activity looks like a ton of fun!

Teaching space? The pin uses toilet paper, but receipt tape would be the same.

Even the centers have a use! Great for a clay unit in the art room.

I also found this blog post.... no pictures though.  They suggest using it for timelines (duh!).  I can't believe I didn't think about that.  Adding to my explorers unit for sure!  They also suggest making roads for cars - cute!

Have another idea that isn't listed?  Leave it in the comments.  I'll be using this stuff for a while!

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Sub/TOC Binder

I'm slowly working on things to get ready for next year.  Yesterday, I printed out labels for the front of all student duotangs/notebooks.  Today, it's updating TOC folder.  (Teacher on Call.... you call them Sub's in the States).  Of course, before I could update my own, I decided to make a generic one to put on TpT.  So many teachers I speak to don't have one of these binders.  It makes my life so much easier and I'd like to think it makes the TOCs life easier too!

An easy, customizable way to keep your subtitute teacher informed.

This package includes colour and blackline masters of:
* Sub Binder Cover
* TOC Binder Cover
* Thank you for Coming
* People You May Need to Know
* School Procedures and Places
* Class Procedures
* Class List
*Students with Allergies or Medications
* IEP at a Glance
* Discipline
* Where to Find it
* Help!
* Schedule
* Contact Me
* Sub Notes
* TOC Notes