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Schools Closing? Free Ideas to Help

Is school cancelled where you are? Don't panic! 

I believe that it's not important to try and replicate school at home - that won't happen anyway.  You'll likely have families where multiple students are trying to access their one and only device.  Others may become caregivers to younger siblings.  The structure and surroundings aren't the same, so it's not going to be the same.  But, continuing to practice skills is important.  

Whether you're being directed to teach from a distance, or whether you just want to provide parents with some options they can access themselves, I've got you covered.  Everything on this page is free - there are no links to paid items.

Struggling to fit it all in?

As a teacher it always feels like I'm adding more things to my "To Do" list than I'm taking off.  There's always something to grade, some sort of data to hand in, and more curriculum to cover than it feels like ever possible.

Please tell me I'm not alone!  

After 10 years at this job, here are six strategies I've found that help me to "fit it all in".