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How big is that pencil?

I've been busy creating again!  It seems once I get started I get the bug for a while and can't stop.  I'm really excited to use these cards in my classroom.  Even in grade 4, students still have confusion surrounding measuring.  They aren't sure if they measure from the edge of the ruler, from the zero, from the one... What do you do if the thing you are measuring doesn't go exactly to a line?

Most items available are in inches.  Being that I live in Canada, these cards work in centimetres.  This set of 18 measurement task cards provides students an opportunity to practice measuring objects to the nearest cm and half cm. Measurements range from 1 cm to 20 cm. A little extra thinking is involved because some of the pencils do not line up with the edge of the ruler.

These cards can be used in small group/centre situations or in a game of Scoot! A recording sheet is included. 


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