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Teaching About Indigenous Cultures of Canada

Teaching students about the Indigenous cultures of Canada is a huge part of Truth and Reconciliation.  Sadly, it's a topic a lot of teachers stray away from because they don't want to misrepresent or misinform on this important topic.  Even more sad, is the fact that there aren't many comprehensive, ready to use resources available to teachers.

In my experience, there's a lot of worksheet tasks, but nothing interactive, hands-on, or with an inquiry approach for students.  With this unit I wanted to make things more interesting for Canadian teachers and students.


What's Included?
♥ Guiding Inquiry Questions
- 6 samples are included
♥ Lesson 1: Introduction to Culture
- Article
- Web activity
- Venn diagram
♥ Lesson 2: What are Basic Needs?
- Web
- Article
- Ticket out the Door
- Cut and paste sorting activity
♥ Lesson 3: Indigenous Place Names in Canada
- Mapping activity with place names and their meanings for provinces and territories, capital cities, and other communities across Canada
- Bonus activity specific to British Columbia
Lesson 4: Indigenous Technology
- Powerpoint lesson
- Student prediction and recording sheet
- Anchor charts
Lesson 5: Indigenous Structures
- 4 Articles (Longhouses, Teepees, Igloos, and Wigwams)
- Jigsaw activity with interactive notebook pieces
Lesson 6: Totem Poles
- 3 articles (types of totem poles, symbols, colours)
- options for making your own class totems with samples and instructions
♥ Lesson 7: Indigenous Storytelling
- Mentor text suggestions
- Lesson plan for students to write their own legends
♥ Lesson 8: Inquiry Research Project
- Research project partner planning sheet
- Options for student recording pages
- Poster blackline master
- 2 Options for assessment
- Student work samples
♥ Lesson 9: Treaties
- Article
- Numbered Treaties anchor chart
- Research project instructions and assessment
♥ Assessment
- Study sheet, test, answer key

This unit aligns to curriculum across the country!
- British Columbia, Grade 3/4
- Alberta, Grade 5
- Saskatchewan, Grade 4
- Manitoba, Grade 5
- New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Grade 5
- Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Grade 2 (Some modifications may need to be required at this grade level.)

I hope these files help inspire you to teach your students about the Indigenous cultures of Canada.  Leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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