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Barbara Reid Inspired Art

If you haven't heard of Barbara Reid before, you need to!  She writes and illustrates picture books.  The unique thing, is that she uses clay for all the pictures.  I had read her book "The Party" earlier in the year, because it's great for teaching students to make connections.

I started the lesson by reading another one of Barbara's books.  Then, I flipped through the pages of several under the document camera.  We paused here and there to discuss how she likely created a certain element, and the tools she probably used.

Check out that bunny! #adorable
Next, students were each given a blank paper and a CD case.  We created our clay designs inside the case so they could be closed up and taken home easily.  I had everyone trace the case size on the paper.  They then knew what area they had to work with.  A quick sketch of their plan was completed and quickly coloured.  This way, when they came to me at the rainbow table I knew exactly which colours of clay to give them, and how much of each.  We talked here about how to create colours that weren't available.  I saw some awesome lime greens, peaches and light blues!  

(A note - a sharp knife and cutting board will make your life so much happier when handing out clay!)


Proudly showing off his finished piece.

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