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Ideas for the Day after Halloween

Even scarier than Halloween itself is... THE DAY AFTER!  It's likely that your kiddos are going to stay up too late Wednesday night.  It's likely that they'll have snuck some Halloween candy for breakfast Thursday morning, and probably have a few pieces in their lunch kit too.

I've rounded up a series of ideas for you to get through the day after Halloween, while still covering some meaningful learning outcomes.  Best of all, they're FREE!

This morning work freebie from Rachel Lamb (The Tattooed Teacher) will give kiddos something to focus on as they enter the classroom. This reflection piece can also serve as talking points for your morning meeting!

If you're teaching averages (mean, median, mode) this is a great task for you! You need a few small pumpkins (one per group of kiddos), but otherwise the prep is pretty minimal. A fun hands-on activity for math!

When your kids start getting restless, it's time to pull out this freebie! Students can wander around and interview each other to find a friend that meets each of the pieces on this survey.

No need to feel guilty about eating Halloween candy as you hand it out! Save the wrappers and use them for this fun task. ABC order with candy wrappers!

Get your students motivated to write descriptive paragraphs or essays by having them use their senses to describe a piece of candy. A great one to use now, or save until Valentine's Day!

Looking for even more? Check out my "Sort Your Loot" resource - it's a perfect activity to include some graphing on the day after Halloween.

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