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Let's Taco 'Bout Bulletin Boards

If you're a follower of mine, then you know that I'm a huge fan of the Back to School Bulletin Board (capitalized because it's that important to me). I've got two new boards for us to taco 'bout (hint hint) today.  Stick around 'till the end for some links to previous boards for even more inspiration.

I always create back to school boards with my teacher bestie.  This year, we started with hers, so I shall share it first:

Shoot for the Stars

 This was so much fun to make.  The rocket was made from poster board and duct tape.  The stars are from Trend and are called "gumdrop stars".  We used both the small and large sizes.  The letters are printed and hand cut.  We used these fonts:
- GL Time for the Charm Bomb

I picked "Cold Coffee" because I thought the detail looked a little like rocky planets. 

Taco 'Bout a Great School


We love creating 3D boards, so we couldn't go a year without one!  The one was a bit labor intensive, but not difficult.  Here's the step-by-step process for you:

1. Cut Shape

We used a cardboard desk box for the taco shell.

2. Secure

No one wants to go through a bunch of work to find it on the floor the next day!  We used duct tape, a whole lotta push pins, staples, and more duct tape to make sure this taco wasn't going anywhere.

3. Create Layer

The desk box had a bunch of Styrofoam in it.  We curved a piece and duct taped it in place so that we wouldn't be stuffing the entire taco later - just the top layer.  We added even more duct tape to make sure this thing wasn't hitting the floor.

4. Stuff

Tissue paper, crepe paper, and streamers were used to stuff the taco.  We used hot glue to stick the lettuce to the back of the taco shell.

The ground beef was brown crepe paper. Another crumple and stuff layer with a few globs of hot glue here and there.

Tomatos were red tissue paper and sour cream was white tissue paper.  We added grated cheese with small strips of yellow streamer.

5. Add additional decorations

The title was printed and hand cut from Astrobrights paper.  I used the font KG Sorry Not Sorry Chub.  Some paper tassels and fans were added to fill blanks and add some extra pizzaz.  

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