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Flexible Seating Task 2: Bath Mats

I'm making the change to fully flexible seating in my classroom!  I have decided to include some bath mats, exercise balls and crate seats in my flexible seating plan.

I picked up two of these bath mats from Walmart.  They aren't quite as long as I'd like, as they go **almost** the length of two desks.  But, in a small town, beggars can't be choosers!

I've got the most beautiful carpet in my classroom, but it's pretty tricky to match to.  I think I did alright with these mats.

 Right now, I've got a group of 4 desks which I've lowered as low as possible.  There is a mat on either side, one per two desks.  I wish the desks could get a little bit lower so they could sit criss-crossed.  They are a bit more of a kneeling height.

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