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Dream Big Bulletin Board: Part 2

Today I'm showing off the finished version of my back to school bulletin board.  I first blogged about the preparation stages a few weeks ago.  You can read about that by clicking here.

Just a reminder, here is my inspiration for the board.

Making the giant book ahead of time was really genius.  When we got into school, it was super quick to get the board all put together.

We used two white plastic table cloths from the dollar store to create clouds.  Simply staple the bottom and fold up.  That way, you don't see the staples on the bottom edge.  Shape and staple the top and stuff all the extra inside for volume.

The cover of the giant book was stapled on with a heavy duty staple gun.  We then hot glued the pages of the book to the cover.

The green you see in the picture above is the start of a vine.  It's just twisted tissue paper.  We twisted and stapled all the way up to the ceiling.  Curled up pipe cleaners and leaves cut from lime tissue paper were also stapled on.

The title seemed to not have enough weight on its own.  To solve that, we placed each letter on top of a paper plate.  I love that technique!  It's really eye catching.

And that's it!  Board complete!

Are you interested in even more bulletin board ideas? Do you want to save time by finding them all in one place? Follow the image or button below to grab your copy of my free bulletin board inspiration guide. 

Take me to the guide!

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