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Dream Big Bulletin Board: Part 1

In my To Do post a while back I wrote about my hallway bulletin board.  If you go back to that post, you'll see that I was planning on doing a "brain" themed board.  I've since changed my mind completely.  I still have plans to do that board - but thought it would be best a bit later, after my students had some preteaching and could fully understand why I was doing it.

Therefore, the "Make a Giant Book" pin on Pinterest made an appearance.  I couldn't find a link to an original source for this pin, so if you know, I would love for you to tell me.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much to go off of; just what you see here.  So, Crystal and I did what we do best - we made it up.

My props master assisted in all the "dangerous" parts, like the use of a knife.  I'm pretty well banned from these tasks.  It could be a left-handed thing, it could be that I'm just not coordinated enough. 

We used a giant cardboard box.  It wasn't a fridge box as the pin suggested, so maybe ours is smaller than the original.  We just worked with the dimensions of what we had.  

I failed to take some photos in the middle here.... After we cut the back piece of the book, we wrapped it in shiny blue wrapping paper.  This will serve as the cover of the book.

We made the top piece narrower in height than the cover, but kept it the same length.  The reason for this was to account for the curve.  As the pin suggested, we put score marks through the cardboard to help it bend. We wrapped it in white paper.  We thought about making the paper a bit loose to help with the curve, but the score marks really did the job and we didn't need to.

From some cardboard scraps we made the top and bottom (or, the pages) of the book.  We did this by tracing the curve of the large piece, cutting out and wrapping in white also. (I really hope I'm making sense here.)

We (well, Crystal, another thing I am banned from) hot glued the top and bottom pieces to the book.  At this point it was pretty sturdy!

I just love the curve of the book!  So fun!

Next comes the challenge of attaching to the board..... Click here for part two of this post.

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