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Chalkboard Themed Products

I mentioned a while back that I was updating some files on TpT. I focused primarily on some typos and adding a copyright page to my chalkboard mega bundle.  My chalkboard files seem to be my most popular files on Pinterest, with lots of purchases weekly.  As we get closer to school starting up, (fairly soon for you American teachers) I thought I would share this once again. 
I originally created these files for my friend Crystal's classroom.  Her room is entirely chalkboard themed.  It all started with her getting a new room that had chalkboards instead of whiteboards.  Work with what you've got, right?  I've blogged about her classroom reveal last year, which you can find here.  Today, I'm sharing 3 photos from that same reveal that didn't make it in that post.  These 3 photos focus specifically on items I've made for her room.
 These are some items from my Schedule Cards file.  I've recently added A LOT more cards to this file.  Here it was all set up for the first day of school, which is really just an hour and a half long in our district.
 These two posters go hand in hand with our beginning of the year lessons about what it looks like to be a speaker and listener in our classrooms.  I've the same posters edited to fit my theme.  They stay up all year to serve as a reminder as we speak and listen all day, every day!
Literacy and Math Centre headings are up and ready for introduction lessons in this picture.  You can get my Literacy Centres here and the Math ones here.

Of course, you could always grab the entire bundle if you prefer.  These files would cost over $30 if purchased individually. But, you can buy them bundled for $22! More than 100 pages of chalkboard themed items to print and use! *Please note, these pdf files are downloaded in one zip file.

It contains the following files:
Reading Strategies Board (CAFE inspired)
Classroom Schedule Cards
Good Writing Poster (6 Traits inspired)
Literacy Centre Cards (Daily 5 inspired)
Literature Circle Resources
Math Centre Cards
Math Numbers to 20 Tens Frames
Reward Coupons
Speaking and Listening Posters
I'm Allergic Posters


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