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Light Lapbook

The entire unit has been tested by my class.  They really enjoyed every step of it!  When we first built our lapbooks, they were really enthusiastic about doing so.  They loved colouring it and taking some ownership.  

I usually give a study sheet to go home before each test, but I told them that their lapbook would be their study sheet this time around.  I feel like that really increased their buy-in.
So,  what do you get in this file? Here's the table of contents:


You'll see that there are 2 non-fiction reads included, as well as links to YouTube videos, instructions for experiments/demos and lots and lots of blacklines for foldables. You get everything you need from start to finish, including a show what you know poster activity and a unit test.  This unit took me about 4 weeks to teach. 

The pieces are easy to assemble and kids love doing it!

Click on any of the pictures, or right here, to go to get yourself a copy

Check out my Light and Sound board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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  1. I would love this unit! We are actually going to do light and sound for our next science unit! :)

    Miss Woodward's Class

  2. This looks great! It would work great for our light unit!

    Fab and Fun in 4th!

  3. Wow can I be #3? sarahlscott@gmail.com

    1. You bet Sarah! Sending it right now. :)