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Moustache Theme!

The other day, when we were in Crystal's classroom for the SMART Math presentation a colleague (who just happens to work in the room next door to mine) noticed her Powerful Speakers and Respectful Listeners posters.  She asked me, "Where did she get those from?" and I said "me".  She gave me a shocked look when I explained I made them.  I do enjoy that look, it makes me feel like I have a very special talent, even though making files is quite easy once you learn how.  Anyhow, she asked for them, but I thought I would do her one better.  I made some to match her classroom!  She has an orange moustache themed class.  How fun is that? I can't wait to give her these posters on Monday!


Not your style? Then maybe you'd prefer Crystal's theme: Chalkboard.  Or mine: Bright.  You can get them for the same low price here.


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