Sunday, 3 August 2014

Stains Tell the Story
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I love this lesson!  I've used it in my class a few times, and I'm so happy I finally got my act together to put it in a presentable format.  Seriously!  Look at how I've used it for the last two years:

That's right, I used this random scrap of paper and a few pictures saved on my computer for two whole years.

Now, that might work for me, but I couldn't pass it on that way!  It's been put into a pdf file complete with detailed lesson plan (no scribbles for you!) and pictures with titles and attractive borders.  

This package includes:
- the lesson plan
- character examples (from movies and books students know)
- a group activity
- individual task with student planning sheet
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With this lesson, you'll guide your students through the process of planning a character BEFORE they write.  They will think critically about the details of their main character's outfit: what are they wearing, why are they wearing it and what does it look like.  The primary focus is on the character's t-shirt.

Kids love to invent reasons for stains, rips and tears.  They are so creative and the results are always great.

The best part? This file will be on sale with the Back to School sale on TpT tomorrow and Tuesday for 28% off.  Buy it now, use it later.  You'll be happy you did.

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