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Currently June

Seriously?! June already? Where has this year gone!  I CANNOT believe we are now in the last month of school.  So crazy.  This month is always so busy!  I'm taking a moment today to link up with Farley and her Currently Linky Party.

Listening: It's gotten nice and warm here lately.  I'm loving it!  What I don't love, is how hot the bedroom is starting to be at night.  The fan is hopefully working it's magic in there, keeping it cool.  I can hear the blinds rustling.

Loving: I got a position for next year!  I am a continuing teacher, but in a temporary position.  It's nice to know where I'll be going.  As the numbers stand, I'll be teaching grade 3/4 next year at Alwin Holland Elementary.  I've never taught a split before, so that will be new.  I'm excited, as my classroom will once again have a Smart Board.   Yahoo!  I have so missed one this year!

Thinking: If you're not from B.C., you may not know that us teachers are currently in Rotating Strikes and the government has imposed a partial lockout on us.  I'm not allowed to go to school on the weekends, or be there 45 minutes before or after school.   This is going to make packing up a little tricky.

Wanting: An oatmeal coloured tank top.  I bought a cardigan that needs one.  I can't find one anywhere.  Grrr...

Needing: I hate dandelions!  They are my enemy.  It's so annoying that I have a neighbour who appears to be farming them.

Summer Bucket List: An awesome tan!  I'm working on it.  But, I made the mistake of wearing a cap sleeved shirt on our Rotating Strike Day last week.  I have some funny tan lines.  Going to need to even that out....

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