Monday, 15 December 2014

A Reflective Writing Task for the New Year

Looking for something for your class to do right after the Christmas break?  Do you want something with easy prep?  Should it be not too challenging for the kids, but still ask them to be reflective?  This is just what you need!

This booklet has been very popular, with lots of encouraging feedback.   If you purchased this last year, you are in luck!  Go to "My Purchases" on TpT and you should be able to redownload the new copy.  If you haven't purchased this yet, what are you waiting for?  Click on any of the images to go to TpT now!

Not quite sure?  Here's some feedback from previous buyers:

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Elf Adventures Week 2

Christina at Hanging around in Primary shared what her class elf Snowflake was up to again this week.  Here's our adventures with Elfis!

The week started out slow for Elfis.  He was feeling under the weather on Monday.  It took most students quite a while to find him as he was hiding on my document camera cart taking a nap.  Elfis was sick, the poor elf.  My class was VERY respectful of this and they were crazy quiet all day.  It was a dream.

 By Tuesday Elfis was recovered.  He brought us in a class Christmas tree!  I hadn't really gotten around to decorating yet, and I guess he felt it just wasn't festive enough for him.  He also generously left us the first ornament for the tree.  It was an elf (of course!) with the year on it to remember him by.  How sweet!

The classroom decorating continued on Wednesday.  Elfis hung these pretty wooden snowflakes from our ceiling and caught a ride on one for the day.  

Our class was supposed to go Thursday afternoon.  Elfis was ready to go!  He must have spent the evening skating on a whiteboard.  His little skates and scarf are adorable!!  Sadly, we had freezing rain Wednesday, and a huge dump of snow overnight so the buses were cancelled and we couldn't go skating.  My students actually took the news really well.  We're rescheduled for March.

On Friday, Elfis noticed I had "Letters to Santa" in my dayplan.  He left us all brand new pencils (decorated with elves of course) to write them with.  I forgot to take a picture of this.

That's all for week 2!  One more week to go.....

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Meet Elfis

Christina, from Hanging Around in Primary, shared what her classroom elf Snowflake is up to.  She has inspired me to share my exciting elf news from this week!

 On Monday, December 1, my class received a very special delivery!  The package was delivered by our vice-principal.  He said it had just appeared in the office!  He wasn't sure who delivered it, but it sure looked important.  It was labeled Santa's Workshop, North Pole after all!

We polled the class to see who had a birthday in December.  The birthday closest to Christmas got to open it, since it was from the North Pole.  The person chosen to open the gift was very careful and gentle opening the package.  I really wanted to just rip into it, but I resisted.  :)

Inside, we found a cute little elf!  After much debate, we named him Elfis.  Not my favourite name, but it was certainly better than some others suggested.  (Hockey Player? Hmm.... not very Christmas-y.)  My choice was Bells, but majority rules!

Somehow, my picture for December 2 is missing from my phone!  I am fairly confident I took one, but I do not know where it has gone.... Elfis was sitting on my bookshelf with a Lego City advent calendar.  Two fun things to look forward to every day!

Wednesday was an excited and scary day.  There are three elves surveying our school.  All three of them created a very festive zipline to hang off of.  Better view to keep an eye on everyone!  However, Elfis must have been getting tired of hanging on all day.  By lunchtime, the little daredevil had let one hand go!  It was quite scary!  We wrote in our agendas "Elfis is a very tricky elf."  We put a beanbag chair underneath him for a landing pad.  If he fell, we didn't want him to get a concussion.  Luckily, he stayed up.  Although, but the end of the day he was only hanging on my his feet.  Eek!

Elfis played it a little safer Thursday.  He relaxed and played a game of Battleship with Hello Kitty.

All week long we were collecting food for the Food Bank.  Elfis brought some healthy food donations.  However, he couldn't help himself and had a little tasty snack.

I wonder what he'll be up to tomorrow? 

If you're organized like me, then you like to be ready.  This Classroom Elf Setup Package includes all you need to introduce your elf at home or at school! 

Helping to inspire,
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Friday, 5 December 2014

100s Chart Hidden Picture

Merry Christmas!

Naughty or nice, here's a little treat to fill your stocking today!
It's a great activity for many grade levels - challenging for the little ones, and something for free time for those in grades 4/5.  One day in the summer, I gave the file a bit of a facelift.  So, you might have this already.... I didn't change the actual worksheet, just the cover/credits pages.  But, if you don't - head to my store and get it now.  It's FREE! 

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