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Five for Fraturday


Whew!  The first full week of school is behind me.  I am truly exhausted!  I know that we are going to have an amazing year ahead of us though!

Here's just a bit of what we got up to this week.

 Last Friday was my first day with my new students.  I had each of them write me a letter.  Over the weekend, I wrote them all back.  On Monday morning they each found a personalized letter waiting for them on their desks.  It was awesome to see their faces as they read them.

We started Read to Self this week.  This crew is working on building their stamina.  We're timing daily and graphing the results.  We are currently at 13 minutes, which is a major improvement from 4 at the beginning of the week!

Sigmond Brouwer came to our school on Wednesday.  I've seen his presentation once before.  It is so much fun!  I love how he gets the kids up and dancing.  If you don't know, Sigmond is a Canadian author with some really excellent books!

We saved Fred this week too!  This activity is so much fun.  The kids love the storyline of this not so swift worm who gets in trouble on the sea when his boat flips.  My classroom was LOUD, but man, they did an amazing job working together and coming up with lots of unique ways to save him.  The conversations we had afterword about perseverance were so powerful too.

The positive notes board is slowly being filled up with kind words once again.  I love how caring and compassionate they can be toward one another.

That's it for me!  I'm off to plan next week.... and maybe take a nap.

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