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Teacher Week: Make Ahead Meals

Do you do food prep Sunday?  I do my best to do this through the school year.  I find it helps the week go so much smoother, and I eat a lot healthier because of it.

I wanted this post to be loaded with photos, but I don't start school till next week, so it hasn't happened yet.  Here's some of what I do, though.

1) Cut veggies
2) Make protein pancakes
3) Cook chicken breasts
4) Portion out things like yogurt and cottage cheese

On Sunday, I like to make a fancier meal.  I'll also try to make a second batch for the freezer.  Here are some of my favourite freezer meals:

1) Lasagna
2) Quiche
3) Homemade soup
4) Chicken and broccoli casserole

Do you food prep?  How long do you spend?  What sorts of things do you prep?

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  1. I am trying thirty one back to school crock pot meals this year. Some will end up in the oven as boneless skinless chicken breasts dry out cooking all day. We will soon see how it works out.