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Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts


I'm linking up with BlogHoppin' for Teacher Week.  I participated last year and it was so much fun to connect with other teachers and a great excuse to get some blogging in!

Today is 5 fun facts about me....

This is Ryan and I.  I love this guy so much.  He sticks by me through all my crazy and is super supportive of all my teaching madness.   He's been known to color staples black to hide them in black border, cut laminating and create giant props for me.  #cantgetenough

 Steve and Mack.  My furbabies.  Such funny and unique personalities in these two.  Steve (the black lab) is finicky and grouchy and a garbage hound.  Mack (siberian husky, akita cross) is a spoiled cuddler.  You may have seen this picture before.  It's really one of the only ones I have of these two side by side.  They don't sit still very well.  And when they do something cute like sleep together, they move the second they hear me get a camera.

Chai lattes, how I love you.  They can brighten any day!  If I'm grumpy a chai latte (or maybe some licorice) can get me smiling again.


We grew some tomatoes this summer.  They survived.  I don't know how.  Still shocked Steve and Mack didn't eat them all off the vine (though I know they snuck a few!)

If you don't know about the SMARTLearning philosophy, you must!  I'm totally hooked by this way of teaching.  Because of this, I've been blessed with some amazing people too.  The ladies in this picture with me are such a great support system.  I'm heading to another conference in October and I'm so excited for it!

That's my 5 facts... be sure to head over to the BlogHoppin' site and see who else linked up.

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  1. I love your dogs! I have a yorkie named Sophie who thinks she's a human ha! Love your support system! Surrounding ourselves with positive and enthusiastic teachers is a life changer! Can't wait to hear more about SMART teaching! I hope you have a great time at your conference!

  2. I am with you on the chai lattes. One of the greatest parts of Fall....the festive and spice-filled drinks. :)