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TpT Seller Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 of the TpT Seller Challenge is called "Make Your Masterpiece".  It could be something brand new, or something you just needed to get finished!  I chose something I needed to finish.  I started this file back in January, but just haven't had time to get it complete.  This challenge gave me the push I needed.


When they said "masterpiece" I felt this file fit the bill better than some others on my To-Do list for a few reasons.... 
1) Science is my thing! You know how passionate I am about science; Science Fair in particular.
2) This file is large.  53 pages in length, to be exact.  My larger files always feel more fulfilling when complete.  Definitely "masterpiece" like.

Science Fair can be a daunting task for some.  I love it!  What I don't love is the teachers and parents who grumble about it and pass around that stupid internet image of the Science Fair board making fun of the process.... I believe it says something about "turmoil".  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sure a quick Google search will bring it up.  I refuse to post the image here, as I despise it so.

The trouble with the fair, in my opinion, is that the task is large.  And people don't necessarily know how to break down such a large task if they haven't been through it before.  That was my main goal with this file.  I wanted to give people the why and the how - in detail.  I break down each step of the teaching process and provide you with the materials you'll need to get your students through.

Here's what you'll get in my self-proclaimed masterpiece:

Getting Started
* What is Science Fair and Why
* Parent Package
* Ethics
* General Permission Slip

Teaching the Scientific Method
* Poster Set

Guiding the Projects

* Timeline
*Class Master List

The Logbook

* Cool Ideas
* Validating my Topic
*Question and Hypothesis
*  Materials
* Procedure
* Results
* Data
* Conclusion
* Bibliography/References/Works Cited
* Two Page Scientific Process

Displaying the Projects
* Board Dimensions
* Board Layout
* Board Examples and Non-Example
Presenting the Projects
* Presenting Tips

Grading the Projects

* Primary Judging Form
* Intermediate Judging Form
* Peer Review
* Self Assessment

Whew!  Still with me?  Here's a visual of some of that.....


I hope that with this I can ease the anxiety many feel toward Science Fair and turn it into a more positive experience.  I'm really thrilled to have finally completed this file.  Thanks again to these lovely ladies for hosting this challenge! 

               http://www.thirdinhollywood.com/        Peppy Zesty Teacherista

                                      http://www.teachcreatemotivate.com/Sparkling in Second

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  1. I love how you broke this down and made it not seem like it was so much to do at one time. Great masterpiece.

  2. I agree with you Angela, the larger products make me feel more fulfilled too! Your product looks very comprehensive, and I believe it would alleviate some of the stress parents and students may feel when it comes to science fairs! Nice work!