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Currently June

Welcome to June!  The last month of school for me!  This time of year is so bittersweet.  I'm excited for what lies ahead, but I'm always so sad to say goodbye to my kiddos and pass them on.  How many days of school do you have left?  Or, are you finished?

The first of the month also means it's time to check in with Farley and her Currently link up.


Listening: To Friends on Netflix.  We've recently begun to rewatch them.  I love this show so much!  I am a little annoyed about the $300 box set of DVDs in my basement I've only watched twice though....

Loving: See above!

Thinking: About report cards.  It's that time again.  I've started, but once I start I just want to get them finished.  This weekend....

Wanting:  Mack is still losing his winter coat!  It's coming out in clumps still despite daily brushing.  I'm getting sick of it.  When you touch him you are surrounding in a cloud of fur.  So gross!

Needing: To send my mom flowers.  She retired last week. She immediately went on a quick vacation!  They've returned home today. I'd like to send her some flowers tomorrow.

Summer Lovin': Does this need any explanation?  No schedules, awesome weather, and the time to putter about and get things done.  Love it!

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  1. I completely understand about the shedding dog. My dog is also shedding like crazy. I'm tired of vacuuming up her hair.
    The Disneyfied Teacher

  2. I am also thinking about report cards...I'm thinking about how much I don't want to think about report cards!! Haha

  3. Don't miss report cards! One advantage of being out of the classroom for awhile, I guess. Enjoy summer! Our Netflix is different down here. We get the Brazilian feed. Makes for some interesting choices sometimes but in other ways it's great. We have all the Disney movies! Enjoy those lazy days!
    Joya :)

  4. Hi Angela! I hear you about the fur! We have a long-haired black cat and a golden retriever. They are both shedding like crazy, and there is fur everywhere! We don't have Netflix, but I've seen commercials for Entourage, and it looks interesting! Have a fabulous summer! Carol Carol's Teaching Garden

  5. Gosh report cards...just finished today! So I feel your pain. My two dogs are shedding too. Hair everywhere. Will it every stop? Enjoy the summer:)

  6. We have a lab and he's the same way! Fur every where! I hope you're enjoying your summer and getting some time to relax.