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You're the "balm"!

I've teamed up with some friends to share with you some great Valentine's ideas for a variety of grades.  We hope you will find some cute ideas to use in your classrooms!

I have been at schools before that make Valentine's Day a big deal, with a special dance in the afternoon.  My current school does not do that, which I like.  We have monthly virtues, and this month it is "kindness and friendliness".  How perfect for Valentine's Day.

Being that I teach grade 4, we will probably have a little afternoon party with some snacks and Valentine's exchange.  Most of my grade 4's like to exchange cards, but some are beginning to be "too cool".  

I really have a cute idea I *WANTED* to share with you.  Unfortunately, I need to share the beginning stages... with science fair, and my IGNITE talk, and book studies and all the rest of it, these little gifts just aren't finished yet.  So sorry!

I bought these raspberry lemonade Blistex at the dollar store.  Can't beat a gift that costs $1.25 when you need to buy 30 of them!

What I am planning, is to print out these 4x4" squares and use a glue dot to attach a lip balm to each one.  I've got a lot of packages to open up!

I think it will be a really cute alternative to all the candy treats that are out there.  It will also be a good mini lesson for my ELL students on puns.

EDIT: Now that it is the weekend, I was able to get these babies done!  I changed it up a bit.  In the end, I bought whole sheets of sticker paper.  I made pieces that fit the chapstick.  I am happy I realized I will have 26 of these things rolling around the floor, so I put their names on them.  So happy with how they turned out!


What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's day in your class?  Be sure to click the links for more great ideas!

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  1. Cute and creative idea! How can I link to the other ideas?

    1. At the bottom of the post is the logos of 6 other blogs. Click on those and it will take you to the sites. :)

  2. "You are the Balm" is VERY cute, Angela. Bet your kids LOVE them.
    Grade ONEderful

  3. What a fantastic idea! These are so cute! I might even use the idea for my daughter's birthday party! her friends will love these!

    Miss Monica