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Five for Fraturday


I'm taking a brain break from marking to write this post.  Thank you Doodlebugs Teaching because I can procrastinate from one thing, but check something off another list.  Ha!
Another week has flown by.  Some days I just feel like my head hits the pillow only seconds after I woke up.  Everything between is a blur.
 This week was exciting because my student teacher came for her first visit!  I can't wait for her to get teaching and begin her journey.

When I was younger, I have memories of Mom stopping off at the gas station and filling the car tank with a $20.  Those days are long gone... or so I thought.  We seem to be creeping lower and lower in the gas prices.  I think we may even be under $1.00 now.  Didn't think I would see that ever again!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this picture too. I shared several of a great art task we did.  My class used water colour pencil crayons for the first time on Thursday.  We used them to learn about the colour wheel and all the colour combinations within it.  Next week, we're going to use watercolour pencil crayons to create a piece of artwork, and now they will be ready to rock that out!

Science fair is in full swing in my classroom.  I have 6 students in my class who required human participants for their projects.  Five of these could be completed at school.  So yesterday we had testing stations.  Students rotated around to all 5.  This worked so great to get 5 projects completed!

This is a shot of one project.... she is wondering if you can tell the difference between name brand and no name chips!

Last weekend, I shared this picture on Instagram.  Today, I'm heading to school to put up something new!  You'll have to wait to see what that is though.

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  1. Oh science fairs! I feel like it is one of those things you either love or hate. Maybe it was when my own kids did it that added to the every day stress of life, that I wasn't so happy about it. Maybe it was my own OCD type kid! lol Way to go helping those kids be successful in this!
    I love doing science experiments with my kinders! Keep up the great work!