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I {heart} Reddit Gifts!

A while back, I saw that RedditGifts had an exchange just for teachers.  You signed up, asked for something specific for your classroom and some caring stranger would get it for you.  I asked for art supplies.  I love doing art with my class, but always feel like it could be better.  The reason for that is because they are using the supplies a school can afford which are, lets face it, the lowest quality.  I do buy the occasional "real artist" supply for my class, but it gets expensive pretty quickly.
So, imagine my enjoyment when I saw a huge package on my doorstep.  When I opened it up, this is what was inside:

- 3 packages of paint brushes (49 total) with a variety of widths and tips
- 18 tubes of water colour paint
- an acrylic paint set
- woodless pencil crayons
- water colour paper
- acrylic paint paper

I was a bit overwhelmed with the kindness of Nadine in Ontario let me tell you.  She doesn't know me, she doesn't benefit from this gift in any way.  It's such a selfless act.  Thank you, thank you!

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  1. That's wonderful! I too signed up, but didn't make a wishlist?? Then I was on vacation and missed the deadline to fix the application. Ooops! Maybe next year! I can't wait to see what your students are going to use this supplies on! Any projects in mind?
    Pinkadots Elementary

    1. I'm thinking that I will cut the paper either in half or quarter (there was 10 sheets of one kind and 15 of the other) and we will do a small project on those We'll likely practice on other paper and that will be our final task. I also am debating setting up some stations where you do the same task, but with different materials.....