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Class Pet: Hermit Crab


I got a new pet this week - Herman the Hermit Crab.  Herman will be joining me in my classroom when I return to school.  To educate my students, I made this huge unit on hermit crabs and their care:

♥ Teacher Info - why hermit crabs make a great pet
♥ Setting Up a Crabitat - all the information you need to set up a crabby home
♥ Introducing Your Crab(s) - 3 informational posters (most with black and white/color versions)
♥ Non-Fiction Readers - 4 readers with comprehension questions
♥ Graphic Organizers - 8 different organizers, some with interlined options (answer keys for all)
♥ Vocabulary Cards - 12 terms and their definitions (black and white/color versions)
♥ Scoot - 24 cards, recording sheet and answer key
♥ Test - 4 pages with answer key
♥ Checklist - Daily and Weekly (black and white/color versions)

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  1. I hope your strike ends soon! Your vacation sounds amazing - what a great surprise!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I am so excited for where ever we are going!!

  2. That is such an awesome birthday gift! I can't wait to find out where you will be going.

    Your hermit crab unit sounds so adorable! I especially love the lesson on building a 'crabitat'!

    I hope your weekend is going well and that this strike ends soon!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I hope that next week's Five for Friday includes a picture of me in school! There are some mediated talks occurring right now... fingers crossed!