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Where I Teach

Thanks for coming back for day two of Blog Hoppin's Back to School 2014 linky.  Or, if you missed yesterday's post you can read it here.

Today's post is all about where you teach.

I really, REALLY wish I could show you were I teach.  Unfortunately, I can't.  Well, not really.  I can give you this:

and this:

You see, I'm moving to a new school.  In Canada, we start school on September 2 so I still have a few more weeks of summer left.  So I'm not back to school yet.  I'm also not entirely sure I have a complete classroom yet.  They are converting the computer lab into my classroom - it needed everything!  Sink, cupboard, coathooks..... everything.  I don't know where along the process they are.  I hope finished!  We also aren't allowed back into the school until Monday, August 25. AND even if I could get in, I can't, because we are sadly still on strike.  


It stinks doesn't it!

While everyone is revealing their beautiful classrooms I am just dreaming about what mine COULD look like..... I can't even picture the layout because it doesn't exist yet.  Eek!

I promise you, the best classroom reveal I can possibly give when I'm finally back in and all set up.  Cross my heart.

Come back tomorrow, and I'll be sharing why my organization works.

Thanks for reading!


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