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To Do: Back to School

We are still in strike mode here in B.C.  I know I shouldn't be thinking about my classroom, I do.  But really, we will go back to work at some point in time and I need to be ready.  As angry as I am at our government for what they are doing - I take pride in my job and not being ready gives me serious anxiety.  My stomach is churning, and I think it's because it's mid-August and I haven't done any school planning/prep yet.  I haven't looked at my previews, created a single bit of classroom decor, nothing.  Heck, even my classroom itself isn't fully built yet (at least, I don't think it is.  I'm not allowed to go in and find out.)

The intention of this post is not to whine and complain.  I'm just trying to let you all know where I stand.  I figured it would be best to create a visual To Do list here, where I can't lose it!!

This is a two part To Do.  I actually couldn't cross this off if I tried right now, because I need more black vinyl.  Hopefully a friend will be going to a Michaels sometime soon.

Last year, I had "Today's date is...." on my board.  Totally Pinterest inspired.  I loved it, and will be doing it again in my new classroom - exactly the same.  I left this on the board in my old room.  I hope it is used.

 I left this up too.  I really hope it doesn't get taken down because it took so long to put up!  Not my room, though I hope whoever takes it over loves it as much as I did. 

 I am not doing the same quote this year. We cut the same for Crystal's classroom and we will be right across the hall from each other.  It would be a bit silly, I think.  I've done a ton of searching for the perfect quote.  I've got it narrowed down to two.

I like this one a lot.  I just worry it's a bit harsh.  I fully believe in what it says, I just don't want it to come across the wrong way.
Classroom Decor Ideas

I think I would edit this one slightly.... I would start at "always remember..."  I love the mix of fonts here, but probably wouldn't do as much.  This would be really tricky for kids to read.  Again, a positive message.  They both fit in with the growth mindset culture I will be trying to grow.

From Etsy (no longer available)

I didn't have a boot room sign last year.  My school was so small, the kids just rotated up a shelf each year, and everyone knew it.  I've collected a few scrapbooking items to create my sign with, but still not 100% sure on what I will do.  I need to attach to a cinderblock wall, so probably with stickytabs.  I'm thinking maybe a 1/8" piece of wood?

I like these two sayings, and might incorporate one on my sign somehow....

Vinyl Disorder

Uppercase Living

 We do a rotation day at my new school while sorting out classes for the year.  I will have every child in the school come to my room.  Everyone needs to have an activity for the kids to do.  Again, I have two I really like, and need to pick one.

I've heard so much about "Saving Fred".  Fred is the gummy worm.  You have to work together to save him, by putting on a "life preserver" (gummy ring) and getting him in a "boat" (cup).  You can't touch anything with your hands though!!

Fourth Grade Fanatic

This is similar, in that they can't touch anything with their hands.  This involves stacking some plastic cups.
Science Gal

 I am hesitant to start this because I don't know what grade I will be teaching exactly.  Grade 4 is easy - I would just need to do some minor alterations.  If I teach a split grade, then I've got a lot of new curriculum to become familiar with.  I am also going to need to find a balance between 3rd and 4th grade units and making sure I meet all the outcomes.  I'm a bit nervous about that, to tell you the truth!

I can't really do this one until I am allowed in the school.  But, I do need to gather some supplies.  As I mentioned before, I really want to have a growth mindset culture in my classroom.  In the first weeks I will be doing lessons around the brain and mindset.  I thought a brain bulletin board would be ideal then.  Here's my inspiration - I don't know if mine will light up or not.  It's a possibility.


I always leave a little gift on my kids desks.  It's not something fancy; I love the cute toppers and things I see on other people's blogs, but I just think that the kids don't appreciate it and it's a lot of work.   Typically, I give them a pencil and a bookmark.  Essential things,  just a little bit nicer and sparklier than the usual.

That's the big items on my list.  I'm sure there are many many more small ones.  I'm not even counting unpacking and decorating!!  Wish me luck! :)


  1. I just found out I now have a split 3/4 - so much more work. I still feel sorry for you. This is a negotiating year for us in Ontario again. Fingers crossed for speedy resolutions for both of our provinces.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Lisa, we can navigate this 3/4 business together then! I am closely watching the Ontario negotiations.... good luck to us both!