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Five for Friday

Too cute not to post.

What do I love best about Friday? On school days, the weekend of course.  I still have a few weeks until I need to worry about that.  Ryan comes home early on Friday.  I get paid on Friday.  I can stay up late on Friday.  It's a good day.

I also enjoy reflecting on my week with this great linky from Doodle Bugs Teaching!


Saturday was the last full day my parents were here visiting.  We decided to check out this place called "Fossil Falls".  I hadn't ever been there before, but so many local friends were posting pictures on Facebook and it looked super cool.  So we got some directions and off we went.  I knew it was far, I knew it was down a dirt road.  I knew these things.  I was prepared.
I was not, however, prepared for taking the wrong dirt road for an hour.  I was also not prepared for how dusty the interior of my recently cleaned car became.
It was well worth the trek once we got there though!  The falls aren't very large.... but the entire ground, the wall, every bit of stone had fossils in it.  So cool!  My dad spent his time selecting his favourite piece, but then returned it when we left.  When I asked him why, he said he saw a movie where someone took something from a place like that and had back luck.  They had to go back and return it.  Too funny!  I took a piece and so far my luck is holding out.

I started a Facebook page for the blog this week.  I would be ever grateful if you followed it.  I do have a bit of a growing group of followers - and most exciting, I don't even know some of them!!

My goal this weekend is to finish up my SLANT Box for Julie Doubrava from Laughing and Little Learners.  The theme this month is "Hometown Pride".  I've collected a few items I hope she will love, I just need to finish it off.
SLANT Box has been such a fun process; I've been loving getting to know my two ladies.  I will be signing up in the future for sure!!

I am part of a Canadian bloggers group and we are putting together something special for Canadian Back to School. I completed my submission yesterday.  I can't say any more than that just yet, but look for it here when it's ready to go!  Thrilled to be a part of it. :)

I reached 10,000 views on the blog this week! I am so humbled and grateful that people are stopping by.  I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate.  You have another day or so to enter.


  1. Your giveaway won't load :(

    Fossil Falls looks beautiful! Where is that?

    Adventures in Multi-grade

    1. Scratch that. It loaded! :)

    2. Did you enter Laura? Good luck!! Fossil Falls is a few hours north of Fort St. John, BC, Canada.