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5 Children's Books

Sarah at Juice Boxes and Glitter recently posted her Top 5 Children's books.  A parent had asked her what books she would recommend for her to read to her son.  I loved her list so much I was inspired to create my own!

Like her, my parents read to me nightly.  I have so many books I could choose from those evenings where they tucked me in.  Being a teacher, I also have so many good books from school to choose from.  This listing is a mix of both my childhood memories and some favourite teacher texts.

1.  Love you Forever by Robert Munsch
 This book came to mind instantly.  Really, my mom and brother shared this book more than I did.  But it was such a special memory for our whole family.  In this story, the boy gets into a lot of trouble, and each night the mother rocks him to sleep singing 
“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.” 
In the end of the story, the boy (now a man) rocks his mother singing the same song.  It's really sentimental and actually I'm trying not to cry just typing about it!!
My brother did so many terrible things, like flushing items down the toilet as the boy on the cover does.  It's a running joke that my brother is actually that boy.

2. Are you My Mother by P.D. Eastman
We had this entire I Can Read series growing up.  In fact, they are in my basement and sometimes make an appearance in my classroom.  This book is so hilarious to me!  The baby bird is born while mom is out getting some food.  He goes on a search for his mother, asking a dog, a cat and others if they are his mother.  They are, of course, not.  In the end, he returns to his nest and mom comes to feed him.  The perfect happy ending.  I would use this book to start off a Mother's Day craft if I taught K - 2, I think.

3. The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
 I love all Eric Carle books.  The illustrations are amazing.  I think this one is my favourite because of the repetition, the sizes, and the way the pages are tapered from smaller to larger.  I'm actually really afraid of ladybugs (I will LOSE IT if one flies on me), so I'm not sure why I like this book so much.......

4. No David! by David Shannon
 I love the entire No David! series.  David goes to School is one of the books I start the year with.  It's Christmas, David! is so fun too.  I'm picking these books from my teacher perspective.  These are short books, but so funny!  The kids know them, (I think everyone reads them, really) but they love to hear them again.  And, of course, David shows his bare bum in each book.  Lets face it, kids think that is hilarious, and I like to hear kids laugh.

5.  The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor
 I'm putting this book on my list because I still have such warm memories of using it with my class last year.  We did a huge reading/writing lesson that lasted several weeks with this book.  It is such a fun story about a little family that lives inside a snow globe desperately wanting a big blizzard.  You can read about what we did here.  I go into a lot of detail in that post.

I'm sure there are so many more books I could put on this list.  These are the 5 that came to mind first.  I hope I've inspired you to grab an old book off your shelf and reread or maybe pick up a new one or two.

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