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BC Teachers are on Pinterest


 I know Wordless Wednesday shouldn't really have a lot of words, but I feel this picture needs a bit of an intro..... This past week, I teamed up with some other lovely teachers to run a "BC Teachers" Facebook page.  I'm really pleased with our turnout so far - we're over 400 likes!  The conversations have been great and there's been lots of inspiring ideas.  For me especially, being up north, it's not so easy to sign up for every Pro-D conference there is.  They are mostly in Vancouver and require a few days off work and usually about $1000 by the time you add in flights and hotels.  So, this is looking like a great way for me to connect to some more teachers of my province.

In addition to the Facebook page, we've just created a Pinterest account too!  We've got ideas for all grade groups.  There's about 5 of us pinning so far and they are adding up quick.  

Want to follow us?  Click the picture below. http://www.pinterest.com/teachersofbc/ 

My Wordless Wednesday Question: What kind of education pins do you like best?  Links to TpT? Free ideas? Youtube clips?

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  1. Great question! I am a BIG user of Pinterest for education inspiration. I also love links to TPT (seeing product laid out on someone's blog and then linking back to TPT) and YouTube is great, too, for things like demos. BUT....I think Pinterest wins for me. I must waste...I mean invest....HOURS upon hours searching for decor, management tips, activities, and more. In the end, it pays off big time, b/c not only do I get GREAT ideas, but they're all conveniently stored and linked...and I have a ton of fun, too! Thanks for linking up and sharing.
    It's Elementary, My Dear!