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3rd and 4th Grade Blogs

If you follow my Pinterest boards, you'll know that I have started collecting up some blogs written by grade 3 and 4 teachers.   It's looking like I will be teaching a 3/4 split next year so I will be needing some inspiration.

If you click here, you'll be taken to my grade 3 board. 
Grade 3 Blogs

I just discovered this blog a few days ago.  So far, I'm really liking it!  She is posting lots of great information.

I've followed this blog awhile.  Stephanie is really organized and has great math stations.  If you haven't read about those you really need to.

Mrs. 3rd Grade
Another blog that is new to me this week.  It looks as if she has been teaching 8 years and has lots of good stuff!

If you click here, you will see my collection of grade 4 blogs.  Being that I already teach grade 4, several of these are on my follow list on Bloglovin'.  Three blogs I frequent often are Fourth and Ten, 4th  Grade Frolics, and Oh Boy Fourth Grade.

Grade 4 Blogs

I love Fourth and Ten's TpT page.  She makes the best math files.  Seriously.  I have nearly all of them.  I love them, my kids love them, you need them.
Fourth Grade Frolics 
Fourth Grade Frolics does the "Monday Made it" link up.  I've yet to link up to this party, but I always want to!  I love reading about what she has made and then I click on to see what others have done.  Good inspiration!
Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade does the Currently linky party I usually do.  But, I love to read her blog posts.  She is a funny writer!  Her instagram is enjoyable too!
Finally, if you are so inclined, click here to see all my boards and maybe follow a few or all.
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  1. Hi Angela, thanks for commenting on my blog earlier today. I will be moving from Grade 2 to Grade 3 in September, so I'm going to have a closer look at your blog! If you're interested in joining the BC Teacher Bloggers Facebook group, please email me at grade2sahoot at gmail dot com (hopefully that stops the spammers!)

  2. Would love to! Emailing you now. Thanks! :)