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Currently June

Seriously?! June already? Where has this year gone!  I CANNOT believe we are now in the last month of school.  So crazy.  This month is always so busy!  I'm taking a moment today to link up with Farley and her Currently Linky Party.

Listening: It's gotten nice and warm here lately.  I'm loving it!  What I don't love, is how hot the bedroom is starting to be at night.  The fan is hopefully working it's magic in there, keeping it cool.  I can hear the blinds rustling.

Loving: I got a position for next year!  I am a continuing teacher, but in a temporary position.  It's nice to know where I'll be going.  As the numbers stand, I'll be teaching grade 3/4 next year at Alwin Holland Elementary.  I've never taught a split before, so that will be new.  I'm excited, as my classroom will once again have a Smart Board.   Yahoo!  I have so missed one this year!

Thinking: If you're not from B.C., you may not know that us teachers are currently in Rotating Strikes and the government has imposed a partial lockout on us.  I'm not allowed to go to school on the weekends, or be there 45 minutes before or after school.   This is going to make packing up a little tricky.

Wanting: An oatmeal coloured tank top.  I bought a cardigan that needs one.  I can't find one anywhere.  Grrr...

Needing: I hate dandelions!  They are my enemy.  It's so annoying that I have a neighbour who appears to be farming them.

Summer Bucket List: An awesome tan!  I'm working on it.  But, I made the mistake of wearing a cap sleeved shirt on our Rotating Strike Day last week.  I have some funny tan lines.  Going to need to even that out....

Now, go visit Farley and read some more Currently posts!



  1. Blah, Blah, Blah... This was Farley's request for her blog comments so I am taking it with me! I love your excitement about using a SMART board. I am kind of scared of tech, but I know I need to add that to my ever growing list of thing to do! That information about the imposed strike is crazy! Last year Chicago Public Schools had a strike and we are still feeling the impact. I hope you enjoy your summer and get a FAB tan.

  2. Good luck packing up your classroom! I've had to do it on a short time schedule before too. Our district was on strike so we could only come into the class 15 minutes before school started and had to leave 15 minutes after school ended. It was a challenge, but it can be done!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  3. What exactly is a Rotating Strike? That's crazy they limit your hours like that.

    1. They've divided every school district in the province into 1 of 4 groups. Each group walks out one day per week.

  4. Wow, that block out sounds intense. Until they pay teachers the actual number of hours they work, how can they expect you to get everything done? I guess the block out is a way to let people know that teachers should be valued.
    Congrats on your position next year, I have never taught 2 grade levels at once, but at least the skills do cross over a bit.
    Ha ha on your dandelion comment, I hate them too, my son though thinks they are beautiful and loves to spread their seeds.

    1. Yes, Laura. The worst part is, that they locked us out and then docked our pay 10% because they said we are doing less work. It's a colossal annoyance and I hope it's over soon.

  5. Hi Laura! I'm your newest follower. I'm also a fourth grade teacher and love your blog so far. I can't wait to read more, especially about your classroom being 3/4 split. Sounds like fun and a challenge!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade