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Fitness Stations

My school is small enough, we are fortunate to not have to fight over gym time.  I get 30 minutes in the gym every day!  I structure my gym class by focusing on a sport a month.  We work on skills Monday-Thursday, and play games on Friday.  This month, we are working through some fitness stations!  I really feel like kids are getting too much couch time.  I'm trying to do my part to inspire a healthy lifestyle, in a way where the students are informed and doing the activities safely.  Here's what we did today:

1: Warm up run
Today we did 5 laps around the gym.  As my class comes into the gym, I stand at the door and show them a number with my fingers.  I don't have to say anything; they just look and go!  In September, I start with 3 laps, and add a lap each month.  Because we are doing fitness stations, which can be a bit more strenuous, I'm giving them a break on the laps right now.  

2: Warm up stretches
 We start with the top of the body and work down.  My class understands the importance of proper warm up, finally!  It took a long time to get a few of them to really concentrate on the way they move their body and the speed at which they do it.  We do things like wrist circles, shoulder rolls, and quad stretch.

3: Pulse check
We've been talking about heart rate before and after workouts, and how to properly check your pulse.  We're talking about the range in heart rates from person to person as well.

4: Stations
My class was broken up into 6 small groups.  They had 2 minutes per station.  While I they were exercising, I was walking from station to station to ensure proper form.
We worked through....

Wall pushups
My kids are getting really good at these!  It's been a few weeks, and they are getting visibly stronger.  Their form is really good too.  Traditional pushups are tricky - these are a nice easy way to start off. 

We've been doing lunges for a while now also.  I felt like my kids were going to fast, and bending forward, not down.  To remedy that, they had to keep a beanbag on their heads today.  It worked great!

Rest station
At this station, it's important to stretch and have a drink of water.
Mountain Climbers
These are fun, but tricky.  We're working on keeping a flat back.
High Knees/Kickups
Students had to do 24 high knees (shown below) and then 24 kick ups.  Kick ups are fun, because you get to kick yourself in the butt (or so they tell me it's enjoyable - I don't see the pleasure in it, but whatever!)  This can be made more difficult by increasing your speed.
Windshield Wipers
I couldn't find a picture for this.  This is an abs exercise.  You lay on the floor, with legs bent.  Feet are flat on the floor.  You curl up and using straight arms, swoop and touch your ankles.  The goal is to do as many as you can.  

What did you do in gym today?

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