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Minecraft Math

 This project is all over Pinterest!  We had a day where many students were gone to a rural hockey tournament and I thought this would be a fun, but still educational thing for us to do while they were gone.
I cut squares of construction paper.  I mean, A LOT of squares.  It was probably about an hour of cutting.  I made 2 cm squares.  I did this because 1 seemed just too small, and I liked the challenge of each square being 2 cm.  If I did this again, I would do 5 cm squares.  This took a long time to prep and do.  But, oh man, they are so hilarious!  

You can't see well (I'm not sure why I didn't do any close up shots), but students found the perimeter of their person and the area.  There are pencil markings of math all over their background.  They really liked this.  Minecraft is so huge at my school!  I'm sure it is at yours too.  

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