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Bus Trips

I'm curious.  What do you do when you take your students on bus trips?  My school is 30 minutes out of town.  We have 6 swimming lessons in town - 3 last week and 3 this week.  That's 12 thirty minute bus rides.  This is our first set of outings all year.  It's really expensive for the bus to travel to town from my school.

Anyway, I didn't really put too much thought into the bus trips because my students travel on the bus to and from school every day.  Some for an hour each way.  I thought they would be bus veterans.  A lot of them require many reminders to stay seated and use quiet voices.  I am quite surprised.  The bus drivers (we've had 2) are regular bus drivers for these kids.  They too are surprised.  I guess it's the whole "exciting activity with my class" element. 

So today, while I felt like a horrible woman for constantly telling kids to sit down and be quiet, I wondered "what else could we be doing here?"  Some kids read books and were very quiet.  Some actually napped.  But, are there any whole class bus games to play?  What do you do? Just deal with the madness?

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