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The Holiday Season

Looking for some holiday ideas to get you through the last little stretch before the break? This post is jam-packed with ideas for art, STEM, and other holiday fun!

In art, we created these super cute Catching Snowflakes pictures with oil pastels.  This is not my idea - I found it on Pinterest.  We freehand drew these - there was no pencils allowed.  That was a little freaky for some of them.  The snowflakes are punched out of cardstock with one of two different scrapbooking punches.  Parents loved this project.  It was neat to turn the corner in the hallway and see several people staring at the board and complimenting them!

Our class elf arrived on December 1st.  The students named him Bilbo.  (They're all obsessed with the Hobbit right now).  These are some of my favourite things Bilbo got up to:

He had a snowball fight with some Lego folks.

We were really loud one day.  He hid up high the next day.

A student left Bilbo some chocolate.  Yum!

This Classroom Elf Setup Package includes all you need to introduce your elf at home or at school! 

Another freehand artwork project.  Students had to cut out each with no drawing first.  These are 3 of my favourites.
Love the braids on the toque.

The emotion in this is awesome!

The hair is so cute!

We went snowshoeing!  So much fun!

Scaredy Squirrel came to visit on the last day of school.  He brought his new book for us to read.  I brought in the supplies for every child to make a gingerbread house.   One chapter of this book is all about how to build a sturdy gingerbread house.  He uses glue and duct tape.  My students decided that royal icing would be a better choice for them.

Before being able to to create their houses, students had to sort their supplies.  They created a bar graph and wrote the fractions for each type of candy.  Scaredy also left us permits for our houses.

Hard at work.

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