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November Currently

November already!  That's exciting, but scary all at the same time.  Report cards are soon!  What will I buy for Christmas gifts? Why hasn't it snowed yet? And, of course, it's time for another Currently from Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I've been recently watching How I Met Your Mother.  I've seen nearly all of them before, but I'm chain watching them on Netflix.  Currently part way though season 5.  And, my pup is chowing down on a chew toy.  <3 him!

Loving: That there's no snow.  Some people are wearing flip flops!  It's insane.  It did snow once, but it melted and it's all gone.  Last year on this date, we had over a foot of snow outside.  Loving this!

Thinking: Last weekend I got sick.  Like a truck ran over me sick.  I'm feeling okay now, but this darn cough won't go away.  I coughed so hard I cried last night.  My throat hurts and I don't like it.

Wanting: Adam lives really far away.  I see him once or twice a year.  We need a visit.

Needing: Printer ink.  I have some math stations I want to print.  And some word work stuff.  And I'm sure if I get going, I could find all sorts of other things.

A Yummy Pin: Just discovered this one today.  Unfortunately, it's just an image- no website.  If you know where it's from, please let me know.  Too bad thanksgiving is over for me already.  I'll need to save it for next year.


  1. Getting sick is no fun. Those coughs sure can hang on! I find ginger tea helps with that. Hope yours goes away soon.

    Krazy Town

  2. HIMYM is one of my FAVOURITE shows ever!! Haha - I have to keep reminding myself that most of the people I see blogging are in the Northern hemisphere. We are heading into summer here in New Zealand!!
    The E-Z Class Follow on Bloglovin

  3. Hope you feel better soon! (Have you tried hot tea with honey and lemon?)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Thanks ladies for all the tea suggestions! I actually had a student bring me a Ziploc of some Davids Tea with a note from mom that said "get well soon". How sweet!

  4. I was going to start watching HIMYM...it is part of my weekend routine. Love that show!! Hope you feel better soon. I second the tea idea...works wonders for me. I also need printer ink. I think that is always something teachers need.

    Apples and Papers

  5. I'm so happy there's no snow either...this year was the first time in two years that we have had a full week of school during Halloween week due to weather...Snow can hold off as long as possible!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  6. I'm a coughing machine this weekend too! :/ Hope you feel better soon!!

    The Balancing Act I Call Life

  7. Thank goodness there's no snow yet! :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  8. Love HIMYM! Feel better soon. As a teacher in central Texas, I can't imagine snow at this time of the year....or ever, for that matter! It's still in the 80s here. :)

    Glad to have found your blog through Farley! Have a great week.