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 One neat thing about teaching at a rural school is that the students all have farms.  Many of our students grow pumpkins on their farms.  So, as October progressed, Mrs. Nowell and I ended up with just over 30 pumpkins between the two of us.  What a perfect buddies activity for the morning of Halloween!

We used the multipurpose room at our school.  It has 5 large woodworking tables.  We covered those in garbage bags and set up our stations.

The kids rotated through:
- How tall is your pumpkin (estimate and measure with unifix cubes)
- How much does your pumpkin weigh (we brought in our bathroom scales)
- Does your pumpkin sink or float 
- How many lines does it have (which the farm kids all informed me are called ribs - not lines.  Who knew?)
- What is the circumference (estimate then measure with string)
- How many seeds (save this one until last!)

You might notice in the pictures below the students had a recording book.  I found this awesome one on TpT for free!  It had pages for most of the stations we did, and those it didn't, the kids just wrote on the back.

 This took us until recess.  After recess, we carved the pumpkins.  You've gotta carve!  All the little buddies got to take home a pumpkin.

It's interesting how many seeds are in those little guys.
I expected this too be a lot messier than it was.  No soaked shirts!
The best part!


  1. Replies
    1. It was a lot of fun. We were lucky to have such a large room to do it in - 44 kids and 5 adults. It got warm quickly.