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My Classroom Reveal....

Classroom reveal... sort of.  

I'm missing shelving.  It's my own fault.  I didn't like what I had.  I'm so lucky my principal said she'd order me some brand new (that's right, BRAND NEW!) shelving!!  I am truly thrilled about that.  It's so much more than I ever expected.  However, that means it won't be here for two weeks.  That means, it's not here for the first day of school.  I'm still trying to tell myself it will be okay.  It will be okay.  

So, anyhow, these photos have a few piles around the room.  There's nothing I can do.  It will be okay.  I hope you enjoy and find inspiration despite lack of shelving. 

 I know I've posted bits of these as I worked through my room.  So, if you're a frequent reader there will be a bit of repeat.  I'm just so proud of it all!  This photo was taken in the hallway so you could see my door vinyl.  I cut this out on my Cricut.  I love how bright it looks in my room!  You may remember I said the yellow wall was gross.  I am so in love with it now.  The blue paper on my boards compliments it quite nicely and I think it gives my room some character.

At the door.
 From one step in the door.  You can see my VOICES and CAFE board.  As well as my rainbow table.  I plan on using the whiteboard behind it for guided math and reading.  I need to hang my 100s chart up on that white board yet.  All the magnets I had just wouldn't hold it up.  Needed some super-strength ones.  Hope they work!  

I only have 21 desks in my room right now.  I'm sure I'll have more than 21 students.

You can kind of see my carpet area in the background.  I've never had a carpet before.  I'm really excited about it.  It's comfy.  I foresee marking on this carpet.  I am sure the kids will love it for Circle Talk and working around the room.  I have a ton of seating over there too.  I bought a black dish chair from Target.  I also have my blue bean bag and 6 leather squares.  The squares came in the room.  I almost ditched them because they don't match my colour scheme, but convinced myself they could stay.

Word wall!
Close up of my word wall.  In case you don't know, it's made of 26 panels of fabric I sewed together.  It may be my favorite part of my room.  There are no words up there yet as I like to add this with my students.  I'll put up a few commonly misspelled words right away (beautiful, thought....) and then after each set of spelling words I'll put up each groups trickiest word.  Of course, if I notice they are all making errors with a word in their writing, it will go up too.

Attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference!

 My paper tree.  This is strictly for decoration because I like beautiful things and the wall was too plain.  I scored these pompoms from a wedding.  Yeah, that's how I roll.  Snagging wedding decorations.  Drove these babies 21 hours home.

Whole Brain Teaching

 I'm excited to try out some Whole Brain Teaching this year!  I got these great posters free on TpT from First Grade Fever!  They fit greatly with my colour scheme.  I am not going to do the "Rules" part of WBT.  I strongly believe in the process of creating a class agreement with my students in their words.  Truly, it always ends up having similar elements in it.  The students feel they own it and are more likely to follow.  I rarely follow a "program" in its entirety.  Do you?

Positive Notes board

My Positive Notes board.  Can't wait to introduce these to the students.  I did a post about Positive Notes here.

Up above is the end of my number line and some 3D shapes.  I'm thinking I will type up the name of the shape on a bit of white paper and add to label each one.

Shiny whiteboard all cleaned up and ready to write on.

A bit of my front board.  You can see more of my number line and my "Today's date is..." vinyl I cut with my Cricut.  This is where I will write the schedule up every day.  I don't use schedule cards because I HATE digging through them.  It's such a waste of time in my world.  I can't stand it.  Plus, I can write up in different coloured pens and patterns and things.  That's more important to me.  Have you realized yet that I'm a sucker for prettiness?


And, my hallway bulletin board one more time just because I love it.

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