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Five for Friday

Here's to another week down!  This week we got down to business and started doing some serious work.  Math stations and spelling are in full swing and we've written in our journals twice.  Here's some pictures of what we've been doing.

My shelves came!  At my school, we only get mail on Tuesdays.  So this Tuesday was such a glorious day.  They came built and everything!  I just had to get them out of the box and wheel them down the hall to my room.  Here's my class library all set up.  I have a few bins I'm missing labels for.... just haven't got there yet.

We have been working on building stamina during quiet reading time.  We quiet read after recess every day.  My kids have found it pretty tricky to stick with a book or resist the urge to chat.  To make their progress really clear for them, we've been tracking our progress daily.  As you can see, we started out pretty low.  They are progressing pretty quickly though!

We had the Terry Fox run this week.  I didn't take any pictures.  My job was traffic control at the end of the road.  It was funny wearing my duty vest and holding a big yellow "Children on Road" sign.  The wind was blowing and the sign was a bit tricky to hang on to.

We have been practicing a lot of different word work tasks this past week.  These pictures are from the day I had my kids working through my 3 spelling stations: What's your Word Worth, Scrabble Spelling and Place Value Spelling.  You can purchase them here and read the blog post here

They had a lot of fun working together.  You can always tell kids are engaged when the room is SILENT.  Can't argue with that.  At the end they were begging me to do it again.  Too cute.

Using plastic money to help.

Building with scrabble letters.

We did our second round of math stations this week.  Last week, we were really, really, REALLY LOUD.  This week was much better.  I'm not taking groups to the rainbow table yet, but hopefully will in 2 weeks time.  Our biggest goals of the day were working quietly and getting to work quickly.  I was pretty impressed.

Tens frame war.  An easy one to get the routines down.

Flash cards for fact practice.

Dice games.  Always a fun time.  Like my shoes?

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