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Five for Fraturday

Yikes!  Going back to work is a busy time.  I seem to have forgotten slightly the exhaustion that comes with explaining and practicing routines all day.  A few early nights (I may have fallen asleep at 6 on the couch one night this week.....) and I'm good to go.  Here's my Five for Fraturday, because let's face it, I was just too tired Friday night to do it.

1) Mystery Box: On Thursday I brought out the mystery box for the first time.  It contained a white, juice stained shirt as a clue to "The Juice Box Bully".  Clearly we are needing to work on our guesses and inferencing.  I usually play 20 questions with the mystery box.  I gave them a bonus 5 questions since it was our first time.  And then, at the end, I said "You all have one with you today" and threw them off even more.  "Eraser?" "Pencil!"  We'll be pros by the end of the year.

2)  Spirit Day: Friday was our first spirit day of the year.  It was a Colour Day.  We have four house teams - green, blue, red, and yellow.  I am green.  I took this photo on my phone in the morning.  I don't have any full outfit shots.  I was wearing green pants, a green top, 2 green necklaces, green earrings, 3 green flowers in my hair and runners with green on them.  I looked pretty awesome. 

3) Class Agreement
We finalized our Class Agreement on Friday.  You can read more about how I go through this process here.  I love getting this done and signed.  The kids are at a point now where they are ready to get some serious learning done.  Can't wait to dive in on Monday!

4) Soccer: I volunteered to be the soccer coach for the grade 4/5 team at my school. I have minimal soccer knowledge, so this should be interesting.  Our first game is next Thursday.

5) Dog Walking: A friend's daughter has been asking to go the SPCA and walk dogs for a while now.  Today, we went and signed up.  We walked two dogs - Mondo and Sophie.  The lady asked if we could take "pullers".  Our dogs, especially Steve, pull like crazy, so we said "sure!"  These dogs were wonderful and hardly pulled at all.  Once our criminal record checks are finalized, we plan to go back weekly. 

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