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Feeling loved

I just love my job so much!  This morning I was greeted with two gifts from students.  Just because.  Aren't they sweet?  I love that they would think about me on their weekends when out and about.  How kind and generous.  One sweetie gave me the nerdy Hello Kitty stuffie in the picture below and another gave me a roll of owl duct tape.  They know me so well.   So now I have 3 desk buds.... my Hello Kitty, my handmade sock owl from a student last year, and my owl eraser I love so much, also from a last years' student. 

I'm not saying I'm in it for the gifts, but it's heartwarming to know they care.  There's so many moments in teaching where times are tough.  I think this means a whole class treat is in order. Hmm.....

Desk buds!

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