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Classroom Plans

I'm so excited to get into my new classroom and decorate.  There are so many ideas swimming around in my head.  I thought if I blogged it all, I might be able to sort it out a bit and come up with a more clear plan.  So, here goes....

These are the 3 borders I am going to use.  Looking at pictures of classrooms I like, they all have the same bulletin board paper (I'm going to use sky blue on all) and the same borders, often layered up.  So I'm going to try and copy that look.

I've purchased all sorts of bits of this line.  Love the owls!

I think those 3 are going to look so great together!  If you're wondering, the owls are from Trend Enterprises.  They have lots of cute lines with so many coordinating pieces. 

Here's some things I know I'll be creating for my classroom.  They're all Pinterest inspired, of course!

This Pin didn't have an original link. :(
From Kindergarten Fever
When I left my last school, I was given an awesome basket of things I love.  There was a Hello Kitty lanyard with one of these pockets.  I thought of this pin immediately!
From Life in First Grade
I love the idea of putting letters on plastic plates.  It looks so amazing.  Such a simple idea.  This is why I love Pinterest!

And here are some things I'm considering doing....
From Mrs. Heeren's Happenings
I'm considering making something like this.  I kind of like the idea of magnetic pieces as you can change out the selections.  However, I'm worried it might be too much work.  I hate digging though a basket of pieces, which is why I hand write my day out, and don't use a cute premade schedule.  An anchor chart maybe?
Crystal Jones Jungle Classroom
My classroom has two sets of these bins already.  I like this setup for something different.  It gives a bit more separation between kids, which is sometimes needed.  But, what would I keep in the bins?  Math resources? Games?  What are your ideas?
Goshandgolly Etsy Shop

I might add a few of these to my ceiling....
From Thoughtfully Simple
Or, I may add these instead.  It's a tough call.  Either way, I know I'm going to make the Fire Marshall angry.
From Ramblings of a Fifth Grade Teacher
My desk is really ugly.  This may just need to happen.

Hmm... okay.  I think these things are all do-able.  I get into my classroom August 26.  Then, it's go time!  I'll post pictures of what I do then!


  1. I was thinking of using the idea of the storage bins between the desks, as well. I haven't yet, but I'm thinking over it hard! I was thinking of putting their supplies in there that won't fit in their desks. They will each have their own drawer, and the bottom drawer would be for items such as dry erase boards and other items that I waste time passing out. I also covered my desk with black contact paper and plan on adding red contact paper to make it looks like curtains for my Hollywood Stars theme. We shall see how well it turns out. Good luck this year! :)

    The 4th Grade Journey

    1. Thanks for the idea Mandy! I worry about them becoming junk drawers. I like putting dry erase boards in them though. :)