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And another room!

I love having a teacher friend who is as particular about her classroom as I am.  We take it to the extreme, that's for sure.  What's best is setting up rooms together.  Good music, snacks (if you remember to stop and eat them), help hanging that darn board paper and funny times.  Here are a few shots of what we've done in her room so far.  Her family is joining us on the road trip next week, so we are both trying to get things done before going.  Below is a before shot.  Not the best one, but I was so excited to get going, I forgot to take one from the door.  Oops!
Gotta clean 'em up!
You'll notice in the before picture that she has chalkboards in her room.  Inconvenient for sure.  I hate all the dust they create.  But, we're working with it and Crystal is doing her classroom in a Chalkboard/Primary colours theme.  It's going to be awesome.   And here she is washing down all of her duotang/notebook bins.  You may notice that she is wearing the same shirt as I am in the crazy laminating pic on my last post.  When you are best buds, these things happen.  Nothing a little scheduling can't fix.  :)  

Not as fun as it looks people.
We spent day one in her room mostly organizing math manipulatives.  There were so many in there!  An unorganized.  We are definitely two organized gals.  So, after deciding what we needed to keep and how it would be stored, we got down to work.  I took the drawer of playing cards and sorted them back into sets.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.  As the first hour rolled by, I was debating throwing it all in the trash and going to buy her new ones.  But I stuck with it.  We now have more than a class set of toolkit cards (A-10 in snack size baggies) and 12 complete sets.  I'm guessing this took me a good 2 and a half hours, though I can't say so for sure. 
Good helper!
We set her oldest daughter to work on the snap cubes.  How do you organize your snap cubes?  Are they just dumped in a bin?  I find that keeping them in sticks of 5 of the same colour works best.  It's so much faster for the kids to get what they need and get on with their math.  At the start of the year I talk to them about the expectation of the bin staying in sticks of 5 and it usually does with few reminders.  I still need to do this to the cubes in my new room. 
This picture is to show all the extra pattern blocks we removed from the room.  Who needs that many pattern blocks?  Seriously!
Bye bye extra clutter!
 More photos to come - probably after the holiday!

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