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SMART Reading

One school related summer goal was to create some SMART reading lessons with picture books I had purchased.  If you don't know about SMART Reading, click on the logo to the left.  I'm sure you'll see that you use many of their strategies already, but it's such a great way to integrate reading and writing, hook your students and encourage them to think on a deeper level.
There is about 14 books in that pile....
Many of these books had been purchased because I saw them on Pinterest, but I hadn't read them to students yet.  What a waste!  So, my dear friend and I set out to create some awesome lessons.  I went through my cupboards and selected some books I had "Pinterest Plans" for and some others I have used, but not to their full potential.  I brought home way too many books!
She had been doing the same, so we have about 20 books to create lessons for.  We decided to prioritize and started with some social responsibility books we'd use at the beginning of the year.  We chose:

We plan on teaching these in the order I've shown to help set up our class agreement. Click here to see a previous post about that.  I really like "David Goes to School" so I'll probably still sneak that into the mix also. 
Of course, you've gotta keep your stuff organized.  I'm keeping all my SMART lessons (including some pre-existing ones) in this cute pink binder.  I had to make a cover page that matches my other things.  (I may have borrowed that owl.... shh!)  I've labeled tabs for every lesson and then I included pockets for any lessons that include task cards or partner cards.

Speaking of partner cards... I couldn't write all this and then not post a freebie!  I created these partner cards to go with our lesson for "Have you filled a bucket today?", but honestly, they could be used to create partners in any situation!  I was lazy, and didn't create a cover and credits page for this (partly because it's not on TpT, you have to get it from reading my blog!) so I'd like to give a credits shout-out here.  The scalloped bubble I used is from www.mycutegraphics.com - I didn't make it!  So, here they are.  Just click the picture to download 5 pages of free partner cards!
5 pages in this file! FREE!
Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment if you download these, and tell me how you plan to use them.

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