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In September, I will be teaching at a new school.  I'm moving to Upper Pine Elementary.  It's about 20 minutes out of town.  I'm so excited to be teaching with one of my closest friends - Mrs. Nowell!  Should be tons o' fun with the two of us in the same building.
It should be mandatory that classrooms are left spotless.  This is me cleaning out the only cupboards in the classroom.  Why is there an old box of Fruitloops?  Why?
It took me about 8 hours of tossing/recycling/returning to the book room to get all the extra's out of the room.  As much as I love to clean and organize, it wasn't really that joyous.  I spent a lot of time saying "Oh my god!" or "Why is this in here?" or "What is that even for?"
Here's a shot of my classroom standing in the doorway.  The shelving at the back is for my teacher resources.  I HATE open shelving.  I fixed that right away!  I went to the local fabric shop and picked up some beautiful fabric and sewed a curtain to go on a tension rod.  I think it will tie in quite nicely to my theme this year.  That's all I was able to do so far due to some unforeseen circumstances (aka I locked the keys in the foods room.  Yeah, I'm awesome that way.)

My lovely curtain fabric.
I'm super excited to get in at the end of August and decorate and unpack.  :)

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