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Personification Poems

We started poetry after Spring Break.  We began with some "Personification Poems" to tie in our figurative language lessons from before the break.  Can you guess the items students are personifying in the poems below?

A miners friend,
a pile of money.
But you have to find me.
I say, "Don't mine me".
Buried in dirt, it really hurts
1 oz of me is $1500.
~By Tyson

I'm flying, help!
Out of all the others,
you always have to pick me.
I'm so worn out.
I have a round head.
I'm hard to hit
and I always hit the net.
~ By Ryan

I have a heavy head,
so whatever you do, don't throw me.
I have a flat face
and lots of us are heavy.
We all have a really fat handle,
so we're quite hard to hold.
The only way to hit the ball is to swing.
If I get hit, I always say “Ow! My face!”
It really hurts!
Sometimes we hit so hard,
we hit people!
So now I always say “Fore!”
By Colton

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